Scoliosis in Cerebral Palsy

Although Inconvenient, Baclofen Pumps Do Not Complicate Scoliosis Surgery in Patients With Cerebral Palsy

Yaszay, Burt MD*; Scannell, Brian P. MD†; Bomar, James D. MPH*; Sponseller, Paul D. MD‡; Shah, Suken A. MD§; Asghar, Jahangir MD¶; Samdani, Amer F. MD‖; Bastrom, Tracey P. MA*; Newton, Peter O. MD*; Harms Study Group Study Design. Retrospective review of prospectively collected data. Objective. To compare patients with…...

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Are Antifibrinolytics Helpful in Decreasing Blood Loss and Transfusions During Spinal Fusion Surgery in Children With Cerebral Palsy Scoliosis?

Dhawale, Arjun A. MD*; Shah, Suken A. MD*; Sponseller, Paul D. MD†; Bastrom, Tracey MA‡; Neiss, Geraldine PhD*; Yorgova, Petya MS*; Newton, Peter O. MD‡; Yaszay, Burt MD‡; Abel, Mark F. MD§; Shufflebarger, Harry MD¶; Gabos, Peter G. MD*; Dabney, Kirk W. MD*; Miller, Freeman MD* Study Design. Therapeutic comparative…...

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Scoliosis Surgery in Cerebral Palsy: Differences Between Unit Rod and Custom Rods

Sponseller, Paul D. MD*; Shah, Suken A. MD†; Abel, Mark F. MD‡; Sucato, Daniel MD§; Newton, Peter O. MD¶; Shufflebarger, Harry MD∥; Lenke, Lawrence G. MD**; Letko, Lynn MD††; Betz, Randal MD‡‡; Marks, Michelle MA, PT¶; Bastrom, Tracey MA¶; The Harms Study Group Study Design. Retrospective review. Objective. To evaluate…...

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