Published in 2005

Prospective Evaluation of 50 Consecutive Scoliosis Patients Surgically Treated With Thoracoscopic Anterior Instrumentation

Newton, Peter O. MD; Parent, Stefan MD, PhD; Marks, Michelle MA, PT; Pawelek, Jeff BS Study Design. Prospective, consecutive, single-surgeon case series of patients treated for scoliosis with thoracoscopic anterior spinal instrumentation. Background. A thoracoscopic approach for insertion of anterior instrumentation has been developed in the past 10 years, which…...

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Perioperative Changes in Pulmonary Function After Anterior Scoliosis Instrumentation: Thoracoscopic Versus Open Approaches

Faro, Frances D. MD*; Marks, Michelle C. PT, MA†; Newton, Peter O. MD†; Blanke, Kathy RN‡; Lenke, Lawrence G. MD‡ Study Design. A prospective evaluation of pulmonary function in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis undergoing surgical correction. Objective. To determine if a minimally invasive thoracoscopic approach had less postoperative pulmonary…...

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The Success of Thoracoscopic Anterior Fusion in a Consecutive Series of 112 Pediatric Spinal Deformity Cases

Newton, Peter O. MD*†; White, Klane K. MD, MS†; Faro, Frances MD†; Gaynor, Tracey MA* Study Design. A retrospective review of a single surgeon consecutive series of video-assisted thoracoscopic anterior release and fusion. Objectives. To examine radiographic fusion rates and standard radiographic parameters of spinal deformity correction, as well as…...

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Single-Rod Versus Dual-Rod Anterior Instrumentation for Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Biomechanical Study

Lowe, Thomas G. MD*; Enguidanos, Stephen T. MD*; Smith, David A.B. MSc*; Hashim, Shukor MD†; Eule, James M. MD*; O’Brien, Michael F. MD*; Diekmann, Molly J. BSc*; Wilson, Lucas BSME*; Trommeter, Julie M. BSME* Study Design. Anterior single- and dual-rod instrumented human and ovine thoracolumbar spines, with and without structural…...

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